TeenFIITHere we offer 2 Teen Fitness programs in 1 hour:
“Young and Active” designed for younger kids 10 – 14 with no experience who just want to have daily movement and exercise that sets them up for a healthier lifestyle and are surrounded by like minded people – or – “Play Better” designed for kids 15 – 17 with more experience such as being on an athletic team or have had some prior weightlifting experience and would like to grow their skill and knowledge!

Goal Groups — Together we come in and GetFit. – In this unique Fitness Hour we combine large group, small group and personal training into a single workout. Do you workout to: 1. look better – body composition 2. Feel better – pain management 3. Perform / Play better – leisure and sport activities. It’s gotta be one of these according to your personal fitness goals. It’s fun,incredibly simple and effective.

R+ — Recovery + Plus Claim your spot in either a Recovery Class or a Plus Workout depending on what you need that Fitness Hour. The Plus Workout is circuit training with a purpose. High intensity but not goal driven, it’s the perfect option for people with variable schedules or without a focus point, PLUS getting a workout in is never a bad thing. Our Recovery workout is used when you’ve attended Goal Groups or a Plus Class and you need to move and feel better.

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