Our classes feature strength training and Functional High Intensity Interval Training (FIIT).
All exercises can be adapted to your fitness level.

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Strength FIIT


We combine free weights such as barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells, with body weight exercises, and cardio at high-intensity. Barbell training focuses on power and Olympic movements. Coaches will incorporate proper techniques and cues that will result in explosive lifts. You will build strength and endurance according to your own body type and goals. This hour-long class  will result in fat loss, strength, increased endurance, mobility and proper functional movement.
Thirty minutes of Functional High Intensity Interval Training, where we combine free weights such as: dumbbells and kettlebells with body weight and cardio exercises at a high-intensity rate. This class will result in fat loss, strength, increased endurance and proper functional movement.



Free Weight Foundations

We welcome youths ages 10-17 to come join our TeenFIT program. This program offers a wide range of techniques and skills to young athletes to increase their performance and learn proper form.

It's fun, and the first class is free. Perfect class for any child to gain the knowledge and confidence for a solid foundation in health and wellness.
This class will focus on outlining the importance of proper programming, flexibility, and technique for safe and effective weight training. Participants will not only get hands on coaching but also be provided with specific techniques to improve their lifting, with the focus being on dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, med balls and bodyweight exercises. This class will also provide supplemental exercises to improve muscular imbalances or weaknesses.

The test of true strength. Learn to move maximal loads of weight when it comes to the deadlift, squat, and bench press. This class will provide structure and safety to all lifts.