Our programs feature Strength Training and Functional High Intensity Interval Training (FIIT).

All exercises can be adapted to your fitness level.


Here we offer 2 Teen Fitness programs in 1 hour:
“Young and Active” designed for younger kids 10 – 14 with no experience who just want to have daily movement and exercise that sets them up for a healthier lifestyle and are surrounded by like minded people
– or –
“Play Better” designed for kids 15 – 17 with more experience such as being on an athletic team or have had some prior weightlifting experience and would like to grow their skill and knowledge!

Lift Better

Formerly known as our “Power Lifting” hour, The Lift Better Team is here to prepare you for any Iron Sport. This team will train year round with a periodization plan built for strength and conditioning. Any team member that is ready for an Iron Sport will be given small tweaks to the program design in order to dial that sport in. Some lifting experience is helpful but not required.

Get Strong

Our STRONG classes will give you the strength, power, and tone you’ve always wanted. This group training session is a full body strength workout using every muscle in your body. Do you workout to… 1. look better – body composition 2. Feel better – pain management 3. Perform / Play better – leisure and sport activities. It’s gotta be one of these according to your personal fitness goals. It’s fun,incredibly simple and effective.

Retire Better

Retire Better is designed for people 62+ who want to pursue active lifestyles. This is an exercise program that has you and people like you in mind. Balance, improved bone density, power development, pain management and more, guide the program design and protocols for choosing the tools we use in this group. People are amazing and can learn anything at any time and you’re no different. Come join a group that is enjoying some of the best years of their lives and Retire Better.

Shred +

SHRED is exactly what you will see happen to your body fat after taking this class consistently. This workout takes cardio to a whole new level. Have you heard of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)? In this class, you will truly experience a superior interval training effect that will provide the ultimate fat loss experience!


LIVE ZOOM CLASS Together we check in: “LIVE ON ZOOM” and GetFit! In this unique Fitness Hour we combine large group, small group and personal training into a single workout. Do you workout to:
– Look Better (Body Composition)?
– Feel better (Pain Management)?
– Perform / Play better (Leisure & Sport Activities)?
It’s gotta be one of these according to your personal fitness goals. It’s fun, incredibly simple and effective.

Outdoor Workout

We’ve moved all of our classes outdoors. Claim your spot in either a Get Strong, Shred + or Lift Better workout. Same program design specified, we’re just doing it right outside our back door within our beautifully landscaped environment.

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