Programs that help you reach your health and fitness goals.


Fitness programs to improve life in and out of the gym

Get Strong

Our STRONG classes will give you the strength, power, and tone you’ve always wanted. This group training session is a great way to build your base of strength and conditioning. Strength and skill training with an interval workout that focuses on fat burning and toning. Do you workout to: 1. Look better (body composition) 2. Feel Better (pain management) or 3. Perform / Play better – leisure and sport activities. It’s gotta be one of these according to your personal fitness goals. It’s fun,incredibly simple and effective. All Skill levels can do it!

Shred +

SHRED is exactly what you will see happen to your body fat after taking this class consistently. This workout takes cardio to a whole new level. Have you heard of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)? In this class, you will truly experience a superior interval training effect that will provide the ultimate fat loss experience!


Constantly varied functional movement at high intensity. These workout sessions are geared toward people that have at least 6 months of weight training experience or a minimum of 3 month’s XFIT training experience.

Training the Older Adult

TOA is designed for people 62+ who want to pursue active lifestyles. This is an exercise program that has you and people like you in mind. Balance, improved bone density, power development, pain management and more, guide the program design and protocols for choosing the tools we use in this group. People are amazing and can learn anything at any time and you’re no different. Come join a group that is enjoying some of the best years of their lives and Retire Better.

Lift Better

This class will focus on outlining the importance of proper programming, flexibility and technique for safe and effective weight training. Participants will not only get hands-on coaching but also be provided with specific techniques to improve their lifting, with the focus being on dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, med balls and body weight exercises. This class will also provide supplemental exercises to improve muscular imbalances or weaknesses.

Outdoor Workout

We’ve moved all of our classes outdoors. Claim your spot in either a Get Strong, Shred + or XFIT class. Same program design specified, we’re just doing it right outside our back door within our beautifully landscaped environment.


LIVE ZOOM CLASS Together we check in: “LIVE ON ZOOM” and GetFit! In this unique Fitness Hour we combine large group, small group and personal training into a single workout.


Powerlifting is the test of true max strength. The ability to move maximal loads in a safe and efficient manner. This course will focus on outlining the importance of proper programming, flexibility and technique for safe and effective training. Participants will not only get hands on coaching but also be provided with specific techniques to improve their lifting. With the focus being on the (3) classical lifts, Dead-Lift, Squat and Bench Press.This class will also supplemental exercises to imp

Olympic Lifting

Olympic Weightlifting comprises the two classical lifts, Snatch & Clean & Jerk. Both lifts include the lifter completing the movement with the barbell overhead. These movements are the ultimate expression of strength, flexibility, dexterity and coordination. This class will look to introduce components such as proper flexibility, technique, program design and modifications. Participants will complete the course with ample experience and information to continue training these classical lifts.

Teen Programs

Our Teen program will help teens develop universal athletic skills, increase overall strength and work capacity, and improve movement and mobility. No experience needed. We will work with teens with all levels of strength and experience.

Class Schedule:
Monday | Wednesday @ 4:30P – Athletic Conditioning with Coach Nina
Tuesday | Thursday @ 5:30P – Teen Strength with Coach Lynne Friday @ 4:30 P Athletic Conditioning and Power Training Coach Liz

Teen Strength

Experience a workout designed to help increase overall strength and work capacity while improving movement and mobility. Emphasis is on three major lifts: back squat, deadlift and press (bench and shoulder). Accessory movements are also a focus (box squats, box jumps/step ups, use of resistance bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, etc.) All lifts and movements have infinite scaling ability so all levels of strength and experience are welcome. These movements will have a direct transfer into your sport and overall strength & conditioning. Ages 12 – 17. This class meets every Tues and Thurs at 5:30pm.

Athletic Conditioning and Power Training

We will train athletes to run faster and jump higher while working on sport specific skills to enable them to play at the next level. They will develop universal athletic skills while perfecting patterns unique to their individual sports simultaneously. This is the perfect mixture of general and specific skills that all athletes need to play their best for the longest amount of time, game, season and life. Ages 12 – 17.

This class meets every Mon, Wed and Fri at 4:30pm.
$95 Per Month Ages 12 – 17
Olympic Lifting in a Safe and Effective Manner