We have BIG News!!

We are excited to announce that we have been offered, and accepted, an affiliate position with Training the Older Adult ™ (TOA). TOA is a company that specializes in training the older adult, increasing their strength and functionality, training for every-day life and beyond. We have spent the last few years educating ourselves through the TOA Methods and implementing them in our daily practice. You have seen these strategies in action in the workouts you are currently participating in and now we are ready to level up!

We have completed the TOA Affiliate Program and are ready to expand our business to new heights. Welcome to TOA Davis!!!

Robert Linkul, founder/owner of TOA and the TOA Method + Linda, a TOA Lifer

Robert Linkul MS NSCA CPT*D is the owner and founder of the TOA Method; a format of training the older adult utilizing five specific movement patterns each workout. He and his wife, Keagan, are our new community, our new support team!

“We are so excited to expand our older adult community and create more warriors in the battle against sarcopenia!” – Robert Linkul

Sarcopenia – enemy number one.

Q. What is sarcopenia?

A. Sarcopenia is a degenerative condition where we lose our muscle mass and strength to a point of effecting our daily activities. This effects 20% of our older population in the US.

Q. If I suffer from sarcopenia, can it be reversed?

A. YES! By lifting weights, we can build our muscle, increase our strength, and regain our daily activities. However, you MUST add external load (weights) to your workout routine. That is the TOA Method, using resistance (no matter our limitations) to build strength and muscle.

Thank you for being a member of TOA and committed to bettering your daily lives. We have seen so many times delayed action leading to falls, breaks and suffering. We are proud you are taking steps to increase your strength and improve your quality of life.

Thank you for being a member of TOA and committing to your health, daily. We appreciate you and your support of our small business.

The TOA Onboarding Program is a 4 session semi-private class taught by an experienced and certified strength and conditioning coach. It is designed to teach basic foundational movement with proper technique to help make your class experience more safe and positive. These sessions are taught on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30am.