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Get Fit Strength and Conditioning is a co-ed program—located inside Get Fit Davis Sport in Davis, California—that uses various combinations to exercise. Our program is designed to develop an exercise prescription plan that modulates aerobic, resistance, and/or flexibility training to suit the metabolic and physical demands for each individual. Our goal is to teach our members these skills so that they can be proficient in all areas of fitness and basic functional movements. ANYONE and ALL skill levels can do it!


Join us for any of the group
classes we offer.


Our trainers will work with you one on one
to help you reach your personal goals.

Our Team

Our classes feature strength training and Functional High Intensity Interval Training. All exercises can be adapted to your fitness level.


We welcome youths ages 10-17 to come join our TeenFIT program. This program offers a wide range of techniques and skills to young athletes to increase their performance and learn proper form.

It’s fun, and the first class is free. Perfect class for any child to gain the knowledge and confidence for a solid foundation in health and wellness.


The test of true strength. Learn to move maximal loads of weight when it comes to the deadlift, squat, and bench press. This class will provide structure and safety to all lifts.

Goal Groups

Together we come in and GetFit. – In this unique Fitness Hour we combine large group, small group and personal training into a single workout. Do you workout to: 1. look better – body composition 2. Feel better – pain management 3. Perform / Play better – leisure and sport activities. It’s gotta be one of these according to your personal fitness goals. It’s fun,incredibly simple and effective.


Recovery + Plus Claim your spot in either a Recovery Class or a Plus Workout depending on what you need that Fitness Hour. The Plus Workout is circuit training with a purpose. High intensity but not goal driven, it’s the perfect option for people with variable schedules or without a focus point, PLUS getting a workout in is never a bad thing. Our Recovery workout is used when you’ve attended Goal Groups or a Plus Class and you need to move and feel better.

We also incorporate swimming and outside workouts.

We will keep you updated with group events you may be interested in such as: competitions, spartan races, or tough mudder. They are not mandatory, just some fun activities we can do as a unit. Everyone should be able to experience a program that listens to their athletes, and helps personalize workouts so everyone can get the full benefit. We respect your personal time and do what we can to make things easier to make it to class.

Our members get RESULTS!

Are you ready to be part of a great team?

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